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Reduce waste with our release agents.

Here at Zeelandia we appreciate how a perfectly released product not only looks better and sells better, but can be a cost-effective solution to helping reduce waste.

We have been releasing bread and confectionery with industrial customers around the world since 1935, so have carefully perfected the release process with our magic triangle approach:

1. Our knowledge, expertise, and innovation

2. Your product

3. Your Equipment

All combined to find you the right release solution!

The benefits of our release agents.

Our release agents are the perfect companion to help release your innovation!

Many have tried to copy Zeelandia’s unique emulsifier technology, but it has never been matched.

All release agents are 100% vegetable based

They make your process more sustainable and economical by cutting waste and improving efficiency

By using our release agents the lifespan of your moulds can be increased, whilst the cleaning of moulds is decreased

Safety, hygiene and the environment are at the heart of our release agents – no drips and less airborne contamination

Our release agents possess a yield value, which means that they stay where you spray them!

We can supply in a range of packages, to suit your needs – from artisan to industrial!

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Meet Carlo and Carlex.


Carlo is our best-selling release agent and has been in continuous use for more than 85 years!

Whether applied to cold or hot tins, this product offers a high and consistent performance, with optimal ‘spray-ability’ for precision accuracy. 

Carlo also has a long shelf life. 

  • Tasteless and odourless 
  • White in colour providing a visible spray pattern. 
  • Excellent sprayability and adhesion - sticks to the vertical side of a hot tin 
  • Economical in use and hygienic too - does not run through holes in base of tin  
  • Improves crust and colour of bread  


This product explores the very latest in release agent technology.   

  • Tasteless and colour free 
  • Economical in use - Only a small amount is needed to obtain excellent release 
  • convenient packaging - no need for a compressor or brushes  
  • TW Range is more resistant to polymerisation, so ideal for use on perforated baking sheets 
  • Do not contain Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil 
  • Ideal for goods that are to be retarded or frozen 
  • Carlex spray is now palm free

Explore with us today for your baking success tomorrow. 

Zeelandia can work with you to explore the right release agent for the right product, right equipment, and right purpose. Our technical team are ready to take you on a trip around the globe with their product knowledge and market insight.  

We love exploring bespoke solutions to your problems! Such as: developing nozzles to give a low mist, (that minimise misting and therefore airborne pollution), are accurate and produce a reliable spray pattern specifically for bread tins. Partner with us to create equally winning solutions for your customers. 

Did you know that we can also supply release agent equipment? Our latest generation of machines use spray bars, so all pipe work is enclosed with no traps for grease and debris.  

To step inside the world of Zeelandia contact us today. 

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